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Welcome to the Institute for Environmental Decisions (IED)

IED is interdisciplinary and brings together economists, psychologists, and political scientists.

Department of Health Sciences and Technology (D-HEST)

Consumer Behavior

Shopping trolley  

Our aim is to enhance understanding of individual and organizational decision-making under conditions of uncertainty. We are dedicated to helping society make better decisions.
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Department of Environmental Systems Science (D-USYS)

Agricultural Economics

Knowledge, Trade, Research, Resources, Marketing, Production  

AGECON is a group of (agricultural) economists working together to do research, teaching, and decision support in the context of global change and resource scarcity.
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Climate Policy Group

Solar panels  

In the CP group we conduct problem-driven environmental research. We currently focus on analysing pathways for creating a sustainable electricity system for Europe and beyond.
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Environmental Policy and Economics

Game instructions at gede  

PEPE integrates economics, political science, and law in the analysis of environmental policy, environmental governance, and environmental decisions.
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Associated Professorships

Chair of Economics (D-GESS)


ECON's research focuses on research in microeconomics. We mainly investigate questions in the field of environmental economics and decisions under risk.
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International Political Economy (D-GESS)

Thomas Bernauer  

Our research and teaching focuses on political and other conditions under which environmental and economic problems that extend beyond national borders can be solved.
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Sustainability and Technology Group (D-MTEC)

VPPL Hoenggerberg  

At SusTec, we investigate organizational, technological and institutional change in the energy sector on two complementary levels: The system level and the firm level.
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Associated Research Groups

Environmental Philosophy Group

Thinking about global problems  
Photos: Daniel Stockman/NASA

With backgrounds in philosophy of science, epistemology, environmental ethics, environmental science and policy sciences, we contribute to the department’s teaching and research.
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Natural Resource Policy Group

Logging in Swiss Forest  
Logging in Swiss Forest

Research in the group of Natural Resource Policy (NARP) integrates political science and law in the analysis of environmental policy and governance.
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Society, Environment & Culture Group

Park im Grueene  

We are a team of scientists covering various scientific disciplines. Thematic issues, which the group focuses on, are the impacts that culture and society have on the environment.
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