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2017-02-15 – Seminar with Prof. Suraje Dessai

Speaker: Prof. Suraje Dessai, Professor of Climate Change Adaptation, University of Leeds
Title: The social science of climate services: Recent Experience in UK & Europe and Future Research Directions

Abstract: Climate services involve the generation, provision, and contextualization of information and knowledge derived from climate research for decision making at all levels of society. These services are mainly targeted at informing adaptation to climate variability and change, widely recognized as an important challenge for sustainable development. This talk will give an overview of recent social science research of the climate service enterprise. Part 1 will present the findings of the European Research Council funded ICAD project which examined the supply and demand for long-term climate information for adaptation planning in the United Kingdom. Part 2 will summarise the key findings from the social science research conducted in the FP7 funded EUPORIAS project which focused on the development of prototype climate services using seasonal climate forecasts in Europe. The talk will conclude with reflections on recent experience and ideas for future research.

Slides for Downloading (PDF, 2.9 MB)

IED Conference 2017

The Institute for Environmental Decisions of the ETH Zürich met for the first time in Zürich on 19 January 2017 for a conference bringing together people from all member groups. For some impressions visit the webpage.

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