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Courses offered by IED chairs range from lectures and seminars to classroom experiments,  excursions, transdisciplinary case studies, video-sessions, and e-learning. Below, you find the most important areas of teaching of each group. For detailed information, please follow the links.

Agricultural Economics and Policy (AEcP web site)

  • Agribusiness Management
  • Agricultural Policy
  • Operations Research
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Management

Climate Policy Group (CP web site)

  • Human-Environment Systems
  • Environmental Behaviour and Collective Decision Making
  • Decision Analysis and Game Theory

Consumer Behavior (CB web site)

  • Risk Perception and Risk Communication
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Decision Making

Economic Research (Econ web site)

  • Environmental Economy
  • Developmental Economy
  • Global Climate Change Policy and Economy

Environmental Philosophy Group (EnvPhil web site)

  • Methoden des Argumentierens in Wissenschaft und Ethik
  • Wissenschaftsphilosophie
  • Philosophical Issues in Understanding Global Change

Environmental Policy and Economics (PEPE web site)

  • Environmental, Resource and Behavioral Economics
  • Environmental Policy and Politics
  • Law For Understanding Human-Environment Systems

International Relations (IR web site)

  • International and Comparative Environmental Politics
  • Science, Technology and Public Policy
  • General Courses In Political Science and Political Economy

Sustainability and Technology (SusTech web site)

  • Corporate Sustainability and Technology

Weather and Climate Risks

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